This website, designed by Kenny Clarke, is also called PhysicsLab and is hosted in England.

The site offers free programs designed for serious physics students in England's AS-level (one-year) and A-level (two-year) examination/certification programs. The topics covered are also our AP Physics topics.

As Mr. Clarke states:
"They are experiments you can do with your mouse. You can control the variables, gather readings and find connections."

Here is an alphabetical listing of titles with links to their download pages - none of them will play over the internet - they have to be installed locally.

You will be asked to sign a "non-profit" agreement before the download. This next link will allow you to download all programs in one exe file if you desire to investigate all 28 topics.

Audio frequencies Capacitance Charges in fields CR Discharge Digital Sound
EM induction Field of a point charge Forces Free and forces oscillations Gas Laws
Gravitational fields Internal resistance Magnetic fields Momentum Newton 2
Nucleus Photoelectric effect Projectiles Radioactive decay Resonance
SHM Speed and acceleration Standing waves Travelling waves Two slits
Uniform Efield Wave Properties Work and efficiency