PhysicsLAB Curriculum Map
AP Physics 1

On this page I am providing "my map" through the curriculum of AP Physics 1. The order of my topics [units] might not agree with the order of your teacher's - however, we are all providing the same information to prepare you for May's exam.

Chart of MKS Units of Measurement
  • Unit I - Particles, Mass, and Gravity (Part 1)
  • Unit II - Motion and Energy
  • Unit III - Forces, Work, and Energy
  • Unit IV - Linear Momentum and Energy
  • Unit V - Torque, Rotational Motion and Energy
  • Unit VI - Uniform Circular Motion, Satellite Motion (Gravity Part 2), and Vertical Circular Motion
  • Unit VII - Simple Harmonic Motion
  • Unit VIII - Mechanical Waves and Sound
  • Unit IX - Electrostatics 1
  • Unit X - DC Circuits
Listing of Big Ideas / Science Practices
Table of Information and Equations

PhysicsLAB Table of Contents
PhysicsLAB Review Sessions
Clicking on any of the units in the above list will take you to a comprehensive listing of instructional materials for that unit - not all of the items in the Table of Contents are present; just those lessons, worksheets, and labs that are appropriate for AP Physics 1.
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