PhysicsLAB AP Free Response Question
2013 B4

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A 0.30 kg ball is in a cup of negligible mass attached to a block of mass M that is on a table. A string passing over a light pulley connects the block to a 2.5 kg object, as shown below.
The system is released from rest, the block accelerates to the right, and after moving 0.95 m the block collides with a bumper near the end of the table. The ball continues to move and lands on the floor at a position 2.4 m below and 1.8 m horizontally from where it leaves the cup. Assume all friction is negligible.
 (a) Calculate the speed of the ball just after the block hits the bumper and the ball leaves the cup.

 (b) Calculate the magnitude of the acceleration of the block as it moves across the table.

 (c) Calculate the mass M of the block.

 (d) If the mass of the ball is increased, the horizontal distance it travels before hitting the floor will decrease. Explain why this will happen.

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